Kevin Richard

Kevin Richard

I'm a creative and experienced
Digital Product Designer


I am passionate about people, web, design and new technologies. I have more than 6 years expertise in creating Web and Application user interfaces, with 2 years as a freelance Web Designer and 4+ years as a successfull Product Designer (UX/UI).

Currently Product Designer @Swissquote Bank SA, formely Digital Designer @WindSolutions SA.

Digital Product Design (UX/UI)

I worked into different industries such as Banking & Trading, Web and Software. I have strong knowledge in creating the necessary environment to realize great user experiences. I alreaady built multiple Design Systems that helps multi-disciplinary teams around the world to create great products and ecosystems, in an Agile environment.

I always advocate for a strong common strategy and vision to drive everyone in the same direction, because UX does not starts and ends with an interface. By establishing the use of early prototypes and user testing, I reduce costs, gain time and learn more from the users. Bringing humans at the centre of our decisions using analytics, interviews and questionnaires help me build products that truly fits the needs and delight people.

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Web Design & Development

I worked on successful projects such as landing pages, email templates and e-commerce sites. I'm able to create projects from scratch or using their own existing styleguide, with the capacity sustain and improve an existing design in terms of user experience, usability and understandability using surveys, questionnaires, interviews, user testing and iterative process.

I previously managed the migration of an entire "handmade" Marketing & eCommerce website to the WordPress CMS, in which I created a custom theme and some plugins. The challenge was to not impact negatively the traffic of the website, while increasing the SEO, conversion and sales. Retrospectively over a year, this was a clear success.

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Mac OS X

Windows 7 - 10

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

UI/UX Design

Web Design

HTML(5) & CSS(3)


JavaScript (jQuery)




Google Analytics

Web Marketing




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