Control Center Redesign

Rethinking the company's showcase app

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Control Center - UI/UX redesign

Release date: 2015

Images, logos & icons - © CopyTrans® / WindSolutions

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Control Center UI/UX redesign v1

First mockups

The objective of the project was to refresh one of the major CopyTrans® product. I create then a functional mockup to test some ideas and to establish the limits of the modifications we will bring to the final version.

Interactive mockup

Discover the interactive mockup →

Control Center - final version

Control Center UI/UX redesign final version

98% of the definitive mockup was used in the final application redesign.

Try the interactive mockup Download the app! (Windows only)

See it in action!

Control Center - release version

Specifications and requirements

The Control Center is an application designed to install, uninstall and manage updates of the CopyTrans® softwares. The project aimed to refresh the interface and slightly rethink the logic and the user experience.

This software is the main access point to other programs. It is their showcase by giving them a greater visibility. The interface should visually remain as simple as possible, while allowing many interactions with each product. There are several levels od information:

  • Some products are free while others are pay and can be activated individually or by bundle
  • The interface must allow easy updates for each product
  • The interface must allow the user to quickly install/uninstall a product too


* WindSolutions a small-scaled company, based in Switzerland, which develop the CopyTrans® softwares. Theses softwares are real alternatives to iTunes and the Apple ecosystem, by allowing users to transfer their data between any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) and a Windows PC.

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