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Creating a complete iOS Apps & documents manager

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iOS Apps manager Design

Release date: May 22, 2014

Images, logos, product name & icons - © CopyTrans® / WindSolutions

iOS Apps manager UI/UX Design

The project

The idea was to design a tool that aims to manage, backup and install apps on iOS an device, through your computer. Another purpose was to easily let users backup their app documents. All these points allow user to easily lighten its iOS device or transfer apps or files to another iOS device without using a Cloud solution.

1. First mockup

The project was intended to be implemented as a new feature in one of the leading CopyTrans® application.

2. Stand alone App Design

After discussed with the development team, it have been decided to make a dedicated application to host the features.

Backup & restore variation

Note: the backup feature was not used in the release version because it requires a lot more research to be ready. For technical reason and to simplify the App manager interface, we decided to create a stand-alone application dedicated to backup any iOS device.

2. Final version

See it in action

iOS Apps manager

Try it!

You need an iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and a Windows PC.

Download the application (Windows only) →

* WindSolutions a small-scaled company, based in Switzerland, which develop the CopyTrans® applications. Theses applications are real alternatives to iTunes and the Apple ecosystem, by allowing users to transfer their data between any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) and a Windows PC.

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