CopyTrans user feedback

Redesigning the way to ask users for feedback

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Feedback page & email revamp

Release date: November and December 2015 respectively

Feedback page & Email template redesign

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1. Feedback page redesign

The feedback page allows visitors to see what current users say about the CopyTrans® applications. User reviews are collected from an external and independent platform called Reziew. The feedback page uses the Reziew API to display the reviews.

2. Reziew email template redesign

This email is automatically sent to new customers by the Reziew platform. The objective of the template redesign was to increase the amount of users landing on the review form.

Online version* →
*Login: User: Guest - Password: IWD%Guest_2016

A noticeable success

The redesign increased the click through rate (CTR) of the call to actions in the email as well as the amount of reviews left per week. The charts below demonstrate the noticeable increase in CTR right after the release of the new template design.

English email redesign charts English version

French email redesign charts French version

German email redesign charts German version

Japanese email redesign charts Japanese version

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