The Shelbee app

Designing an iOS backup application from square one

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Shelbee UI/UX Design

Release date: September 4, 2014

Images, logos, product name & icons - © CopyTrans® / WindSolutions3

Shelbee UI/UX design

Shelbee, an iOS backup utility

Shelbee provides an easy solution for iOS users to backup & restore their devices. The program was introduced in the CopyTrans® line of products in 2014 and offers a real alternative to iTunes.

Shelbee was constantly updated and evolved significantly since its first release. Now, the program features a useful built-in notification system aimed at reminding users to regularly backup their devices and to avoid data loss. With the new frameless interface (without Windows borders), Shelbee offers refreshing user experience.

First mockups


iOS device activation

Frameless variations

First release version

Current release version

Give it a try!

You need is an iOS Device & a Windows PC.

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Graphic material

Shelbee full name Shelbee icon Application name and icon

Shelbee release artwork Release artwork

Shelbee marketing campaign
Shelbee marketing campaign
Shelbee marketing campaign
Shelbee marketing campaign

Marketing campaign banners

Shelbee index page artwork Home page artwork

See it in action!

* WindSolutions a small-scaled company, based in Switzerland, which develop the CopyTrans® softwares. Theses softwares are real alternatives to iTunes and the Apple ecosystem, by allowing users to transfer their data between any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) and a Windows PC.

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