Shelbee App Redesign

Rethinking & improving the user experience

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Shelbee Redesign

Date: beginning 2015

Images, logos, product name & icons - © CopyTrans® / WindSolutions

Shelbee UI/UX redesign

Improve the user experience

Shelbee is born in 2014 out of the necessity to backup & restore iOS devices without iTunes. After a quick development process, almost 1 year of feedback and the needs of new features we decided to return on the drawing board. The interface was made to be simple and limited to 2 choices, without much more info. Right before we implemented some new features such as the iTunes toolbox, the notifications, etc. Find out more about this project here →

Designing any device backup system can go deeper than just a backup and a restore button. Some data, like the device storage size, the amount of applications installed, the documents each app contains impact the size of the backup. Thinking of restore bring to the needs of manage the backups and how to display them and their content.




This mockup has not been used (yet) due to priority changes during 2015. This a proof of concept and some steps are missing.

* WindSolutions a small-scaled company, based in Switzerland, which develop the CopyTrans® softwares. Theses softwares are real alternatives to iTunes and the Apple ecosystem, by allowing users to transfer their data between any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) and a Windows PC.

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