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Virtual Reality Trading iOS & Android app

Release date: January 2017

Images, logos, product name & icons - © Swissquote Bank SA

Trading VR App live demo

The Project

In 2016 Swissquote decided to demonstrate how a bank can answer the challenge of new technologies with Virtual Reality (VR), the main new trend in the gaming and advertising industry and tend to become the next step in terms of user experience.

So, what if you could access your bank account and place a trade on the markets using a VR interface?
The answer is a mobile application where you're watch the trend of the markets, access to your account informations and ultimately place a trade.

My Role

I was named UX expert on this project. I worked with an external agency to deliver the design and directly with the developpers to guaranty its proper implementation.

In this role, I was responsible of the consistancy of the design, in charge of defining the user experience in a 3d world and reducing the complexity

The constraints

The application used the same system than all mobile VR apps, which that means once the app is launched you have to place the device in a headset. The screen is split in to parts, left and right to mimic the distance between the eyes and finally give you the sensation of three dimentional evironement.

By default when the user has to perform an action he can only use a cursor displayed in front of him, whose positions is relative to the orientation of the his head. In other words, moving your head moves the cursor letting you interact with the environment. This kind of interaction by nature not natural, limited and can be painful over the time. But the issue is in the hand of the user, who can by some controllers that allow him the manipulate objects much more easily.

In such context, every decision you take in terms of architecture, design and implementation may have a huge impact on the user experience.

The solution

Discover the application, available for iOS and Android devices.

1. Design proposal

2. Design implementation

Discover the 20minuten's article and video →

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